About Me

I'm just your ordinary 40-something woman who loves to photograph people and tell a story. An artist since my childhood (thanks Mom!!!), I've always been fascinated with imagery. To quote photographer Jeff Rojas: we are all different, but we are all equal. I believe in this philosophy. I do believe we each have our own story, our own truth, and our own journey, and those elements create the uniquely beautiful YOU. My passion is capturing you and your story in a positive light.

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What I Offer

I'm a storyteller. Whether through photography or through writing, everyone and everything has a story to be told. I'm multi-skilled in that I shoot and write. I've been a professional photographer since 2012, shooting concerts, portraits, objects, and the subjects of my articles. I'm a technical writer with over 25 years experience in military, high tech, manufacturing, and freelance journalism. My expertise in writing styles includes government, formal, academic, MLA, and AP Style writing.

The audience dictates the content; if your audience does not understand your message, or isn't convinced of the value of your offerings, your message has failed. I can help you create the visual and written messages that will most influence your audience.  Imagery must deliver the message. Imagery is powerful. In today's world of social media-driven marketing, the image has to tell the story. The image has to be believable and relevant.

In my experience, if the written message is full of adjectives and descriptive fluff without factual information, consumers see through the fluff and are skeptical. I dig for the facts, because then I can tell your audience, without hesitation, why your product or service is something they didn't know they needed or wanted.

My services:

  • Commercial/Editorial/Portrait Photography
  • Technical writing
  • Marketing Communication
  • Freelance journalism
  • Copywriting
  • Ghost writing
  • Editing
  • Proofreading

My Photography Experience

I've had some amazing experiences and my knowledge of photography has exploded. My clientele list includes several local publications, either by shooting and writing human interest stories, or by shooting high end events and fundraisers :

I am the house photographer for the Chandler Center for the Arts since 2011, shooting the meet and greets with the talent as well as the talent during their performances. I've also shot in other venues, such as the Jobing Arena, Talking Stick Casino and Resort, and Mesa Art Center. Overall, my celebrity performance portfolio is extensive, and it's been an amazing journey to photograph legends such as BB King, Wayne Newton, Debbie Reynolds, Cesar Millan, Vicki Lawrence, and Lily Tomlin. I also get hired routinely to shoot events and have a variety of clientele.

If you've looked through my website, you've noticed a variety of genres, and may be asking what I really like to shoot, and why do I show so much on my website. First, my love is photographing people. In my small studio, on the street, on the stage, in a large studio, on location, it doesn't matter where. People are fascinating to me, and I will always love photographing them. Second, I show a wide variety on my website because I want you to know I'm diverse in what I'm willing to shoot. Every shoot teaches me something new, and I value that.

My Photography Gear

Some people fixate on the gear a photographer uses. I get it. Today's access to photography equipment is easier than ever, and some mistakenly associate expensive gear with talent and success. I come from the school of thought that a true visionary can create art with the cheapest cameras. Some of my best shots were made with a Kodak EasyShare 1012IS, which I still have and occasionally shoot with as a reset to my humble beginnings. But just in case you really, really want to know, I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III as my primary, my Canon 50D as my secondary, and I have a few film cameras that I play with.

My Pricing

It's a common question: "How much do you charge?" But it's not an easy question to answer, because one price does not fit all. When you contact me regarding your photography or writing needs, we'll talk about the vision of the final product, location, styling, logistics, delivery methods, photo usage and licensing requirements. We'll talk about potential challenges of the shoot or the writing project, and plan for those challenges. My job is to produce your vision.

To inquire about my services, contact me at miachelledphoto@gmail.com.

 Photo courtesy of Yucel Yalim.

Photo courtesy of Yucel Yalim.