When I Dream by Miachelle DePiano

When I dream of being a photographer, I hope that one day my work is seen as something worthy of being called inspiration. Sure, in the grandiose perspective, I dream of being a sought-after, well-paid photographer, commissioned to photograph exclusive people, exclusive moments, exclusive places. But the reality is I’d be just as happy being my generation’s Vivian Meier as opposed to Annie Leibovitz, if it means I told a story no one knew before.

I’ve always dreamed of being a photographer. As a young girl, I drew, but my drawings were taken from photography. As a teenager, I poured over books of black and white photography, in particular fascinated with Hollywood stills and the works of Avedon. I saw glamour, I saw beauty, I saw grit, and I saw the stories unfolding within each image.

When I dream of being a photographer, I dream of viewers being enchanted by the image, wanting to experience it over and over again. I care not if it makes me money. I dream of moving people, whether to joy, tears, anger, or shock…the ultimate experience as an artist is knowing you moved your audience. When your audience is moved, you’ve connected with them.

When I dream of being a photographer, I dream of capturing a moment that will live on forever, for people to connect to. I’ve shot some amazing personalities in my short time period. I care not for selling the images and making money. I dream that my audience will look at the images, and be transported to a memory they themselves treasure, and can connect to.

When I dream of being a photographer, I dream I get to shoot every day of my life. I dream that every day I find a story worth telling, and that someone, somewhere, finds my story worth experiencing.